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Hotel Management - Bar Competition at IHA

Taking into account the current state of Hospitality industry in India, the scope of shaping a successfully career is quite vast. Students who wish to develop a full time career in this domain are endowed with lucrative opportunities to work with reputed hotel chains. Since, tourism is scaling up year by year, the need to make hotels booking and favorable accommodations have touched the peak which has further caused a great boom in this sector. To equate demand with supply, job opportunities churned out in this domain are highly attractive, and promise long term association with entities, stability and quicker growth, both in terms of money and designation hike.

Students aspiring to take admissions in Hotel Management Institutes, across India or overseas should aim to look for the best possible academic availability. Better the exposure gained; better become the chances of grabbing best job opportunities even as young hotel management graduates.


A graduate with a degree from reputed Hotel Management Institute, superior grades and extensive exposure have the option to grow immensely in this field. Starting from Front Office Managers, to Resident Managers to General Managers or Convention Services Managers the growth is assured combined with attractive salary packages. While many students look out for shortcuts to a successful career, Hospitality industry is ruled only by those who are talented and know how to showcase their capabilities. Taking up internship with good hotels also provides practical experience and works in favor of candidates at the time of hiring.

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