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Indian Hotel Academy, one of the top hotel management colleges in Delhi NCR was established to impart quality training in the field of hospitality management. Due to globalisation of Indian economy, Indian tourism industry saw a boost and so the demand for trained hospitality professionals increased drastically over the last decade, Indian Hotel Academy has produced over thousand quality hospitality professionals who have already proven their worth in the industry and also have become the bearer of the legacy of quality and discipline of the industry.

The reason why Indian Hotel Academy is considered as one of the top hotel management colleges in Delhi NCR is its continuous endeavor to make students industry worthy by teaching them values of human life as well as the necessity to be disciplined in life, whatever field they are into.  IHA keeps the students informed about the latest trends in the industry so that they can be ready to face any future challenges.

Indian Hotel Academy, one of the top hotel management colleges is enjoying such stature because of its dedication towards quality education, it provides through continuous research and outcome based education, that is the latest trend in hospitality education rather than traditional form of class lectures, where active participation of students is very less and the system has already been well acclaimed by the industry stalwarts.

As India is emerging as the economic superpower nation and efforts are on to make India one of the global investment hubs, the hospitality and tourism industry is gaining its momentum to rise and so is the number of trained hospitality professionals. The present generation also has found a great career opportunity in hospitality industry and has come up as an alternative of traditional courses. Indian Hotel Academy, being one of the top hotel management colleges in Delhi NCR, is bridging the gap between the aspiring hotel professionals and the international brands which already have their presence across pan India.

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