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“Hotel Management Institute”

Award to our Hotel Management CollegeIHA is a leading chain of “Hotel Management Institutes” in Delhi. We have completed over fifteen years in the service of the hospitality and tourism Industry. We are accredited to the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and affiliated to the Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC).  IHA has three campuses in Delhi NCR – Meenakshi Garden, Dwarka and Rohini and moving ahead with our Pan India vision. Our Hotel Management College has the most versatile advisory board includes legends from different sectors of the industry. Our Industry partners and advisory board members come together, define, design and deliver the true essence of hospitality. It helps to lay the foundation of the Modern Hospitality Renaissance in India.

As a Leading Hotel Management Institute, We have over fifty leading hospitality brands as our placement partners. The Oberoi Hotels and Resorts, The Taj Hotels and Resorts, The Leela Hotels and Resorts, The Roseate House, Radisson Hotel Group, The Park Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Accor Hotels and Marriot Hotels are the few to name.

We emphasize academic excellence and experiential learning as there is no substitute to practical exposure. We have a proven track record of training and placement of over four thousand students in leading hotels and restaurants.

The essence of IHA is to give life coaching to all our students to make them better human beings. In our opinion only evolved person can be good hospitality professional. Living this very essence of Life Skills, over two thousand hoteliers joined us as a part of our Ecosystem.

Today IHA is not just limited to “Hotel Management Institutes”. The institute has close relation with other sectors like retail, aviation, media and entertainment. Our Multidimensional Interface paves the path for most Versatile Partnerships and alliance and given us the Multi- Skilling Training Advantage.

IHA’s event calendar is an eclectic mix of events; from organizing award nights and national conferences in five-star hotels to blood donation campaigns and visiting old age homes. We work towards building all-round personality and by inculcating strong values.

Our Mission Statement

  • To inspire students aim for a better future.
  • Help students realize their dreams and true potential by the virtue of Experiential and Experimental learning.
  • To Provide Hospitality industry the most trained human resource which understands Hospitality at its best.
  • To Build a nation where the youth is well equipped with Skill, knowledge and Attitude.

Our Core Values

  • Academic Excellence
    We believe that Academic excellence is very important for students to craft their future, as knowledge is the real light.
  • Innovation and Creativity
    We believe that innovation & Creativity is the key that keeps the business alive and scales the real hospitality quotient.
  • Customer Sensitization
    Living the essence of hospitality, we at IHA live to the spirit of Atithi Devo Bhava, Sanskrit: अतिथिदेवो भव:, which defines the guest as God. Prescribes dynamic of the host–guest relationship that embodies the traditional Indian philosophy of revering guests as God.
  • Environmental Activism
    We at IHA, pay respect to mother nature and want our stake holders to respect, love and care for the environment we live in.
  • Social Activism
    We at IHA believe in creating social activism at each sphere of Social Ecosystem for the betterment of Human Race.
  •  Trust and Moral Integrity 
    We believe in creating atmosphere of moral integrity as human beings first live the moral values for a better tomorrow.
  •  Team Work
    We at IHA believe in living like a family or in new age defined as team. It’s all about living and achieving together.

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